We provide creative solutions with an intelligent understanding of the task at hand achieved through research and strategic thinking. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and effective. Our services allow for a consistent brand through out your project, making us a singular resource for all your design needs.

Design Concepts

Define needs and goals

Establish budget

Color palettes

Determining design style

Finish selection

Sourcing appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures

Sourcing furniture, rugs and accessories

Designing custom window treatments, bedding,
upholstery and decorative pillows

Designing custom wall art pieces and installations

Providing storage and organization solutions

coordinating & logistics

Coordinate vendors and oversee install

Coordinate and oversee deliveries

Follow up and track orders and deliveries

Ensure vendor quotes and purchase orders are accurate

Coordinate and communicate continuously with
builders/contractors and their subcontractors

Participate in contractor and subcontractor walk throughs

Order samples and upkeep sample library

planning & drafting

Budgeting with continual updates and analyzation

Measure and create plans of existing spaces

Measure and photograph existing furniture and
accessories that will be reused

Space planning

Finish schedules

Floor plans, furniture plans, flooring layout plans,
lighting and electrical plans

Detail drawings for custom furniture pieces,
trim work, cabinetry


Expedite shipping when needed

Reschedule vendors and install dates

Reroute deliveries

Storage for items when construction is delayed

Find new items to replace items when on too long of a back
order or if discontinued

Returns for incorrect shipments

Returns for damaged items and follow up on replacements

Work with online vendors about returns and damages

customer service

Create a stress free and enjoyable process for our clients

Quick response times and thorough communication

Continual project updates provided to clients

Ensuring client satisfaction and adherence to budget
through the entire project

Problem solving with the least amount of stress
for the client as possible

Treat each client as though they are our only client

Bring vendors to the project that we have a
long standing relationships with and trust

Free marriage counseling...just kidding, sort of.

Preinstall Tasks & Errands

Shop, shop, shop and then shop some more

Drop off fabrics to seamstress and
window treatment vendors

Site visits to confirm measurements and take photos

Meet with vendors to confirm orders,
go over details, select finishes

Ensure nothing has been overlooked and
if so take necessary steps 

Put things together. Repeat the Mantra:
"The allen wrench is my friend."

Take away all large packaging materials and
recycle when available

Take anything for donation to the thrift store
or coordinate pickup

Take sticker price tags off and get sticker residue off. Seriously, this is so time consuming it should be its own category.

Box up returns and drop off at shipping center 

Test paint


Hang wall art and have all necessary hardware on hand

Direct furniture delivery to ensure all items are
put in their proper place.

Ensure that all furniture pieces have felt pads on the feet
if going on hard surface flooring

Make sure rug pads are put down before area rugs and before furniture is placed on rugs

Provide extension cords, batteries and lightbulbs
because these are always overlooked

Continually vacuum up styrofoam pieces and keep
the project site tidy, this is always a never ending task.

Wire management and hiding cords

Make beds

Setup kitchens

Accessories and style bookcases,
side tables, console tables

Organize items as they are put away


Photograph the finished project

Punch list follow ups and completion

Provide a copy of the plans to the client

Do a final project evaluation with the client 

Provide copies of any product warranties and information to the client

Ensure client satisfaction

Request client review

Smile and sip a glass of wine

brand development

Name development

Develop visual identity including logo design, web design,
and style guide

Provide a consistent brand throughout the home with custom signage, color schemes, wall art, and decorations

Create custom house signage, indoor and outdoor mats, and other various materials incorporating your homes logo

graphic & web design

Create promotional products including cups, mugs, bottles, pens, stationary, etc.

Create house signage including
wifi signs, instructional signage, elevator signs, etc.

Custom wall art

Websites showcasing your home

Social media graphics to help promote your home

Informational brochures to outline the details and promote your home


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